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Dinner without baby


Roast free range chicken, pumpkin purée, green lentil & root vegetable fricassee eaten at The Silver Spoon Food and Wine, Victoria Park, Western Australia

Yesterday night, my husband and I went out for dinner with friends while my dear sister took care of my little one. She was more than happy to comply with my request – taking the day off to spend with both myself and her god daughter.

It has been ages since I last went out alone with my husband, all dressed up and out fine dining. Parts of the evening made me feel rather out of sorts; I was much too used to eating simple, home cooked meals in my shorts and shirt and being all messy with my little baby as she would smear food all over me while ingesting food.

The night made me realise how long it has been since my husband and I have been ALONE. In the car, we usually have our little one watching our every move and listening in on our conversations. However, this night, I could enjoy looking at my husband in the quiet of the evening.

He had lost some weight from training for the half Iron Man happening next year… Soon, I would need to shave his hair down (which is something I did once every month since his hair grew out quite quickly). His eyes squinted to avoid the glare of the blazing sun descending… When was the last time he shaved? I thought I nagged at him about shaving constantly but he would cheekily insist that he didn’t shave so other women would leave him alone. Silly man.

All in all, I still love him as much as I did 13 years ago. Despite the distance and plans of people to destroy what we had… We persevered and am together, very much in love with one another. Just that lately, we haven’t had the strength or energy to remind each other. He’s been working much too hard and I’ve been pregnant and weak from the summer heat and an exuberant little one…

As he sat next to me, he put his arms around me and stroke my ear. I turned to look at him and he leaned in for a kiss. I felt like the 15 year old having my first kiss once again. How is it that he can impose such a profound feeling within me and bring me back to happy, beautiful moments with a simple gesture? I felt like the one celebrating instead of my friend’s husband, whom the dinner was intended for. A small part of me felt guilty for leaving my child in the hands of another, but I was glad to be able to savour my husband without my child suddenly interrupting us.

3 hours later, we were home and my daughter was rolling about in the bed instead of being in sleepyland, and my sister watched lovingly as she giggled and sprawled herself all over. The intimate night between husband and wife was over, and now our little bundle of joy reached out for an embrace.

I held my husband’s hand and carried my daughter in the other… I love these two people so very much, with all my heart…

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