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On this bright and early morning, I carried my girl to the nearby park.

She recently started walking more confidently, and I wanted to try and inspire her further by allowing her to grow more sure of her footing in beautiful nature. Clutching onto my index finger, her feet found their way in front of her and with caution, she progressed step by step. Occasionally, she would stop to admire the flowers, trees and water features. A duck caught her eye and she insisted we followed the brown creature to its hiding place – a bush of flowers.

Where has the time gone? In the midst of seasons changing, people traversing time and temperamental skies… My child now can move most independently. When she was born, she relied on me for everything. Now, she feeds herself most foods without the use of cutlery… She gets off and on couches and beds easily… And now she walks…

Raising her tiny fingers, she reaches for my hand. Gently, I carry my tired little one. No matter how strong and independent she grew, I just knew she would always need me as her mummy. I would be the one she came to when she had great news, or of she wanted to cry. Who else would tolerate her tantrums or set her straight if she was doing something that could prove detrimental to her self?

Now, she needed me to carry her home. As tired as I am, I tap into some latent strength hidden in me and carefully embrace her up the hill while she strokes my face and hair, humming me a tune.

My beautiful child… Mummy wants to tell you everyday how much I love you and how happy and safe you make me feel with your love. Only a child can show you unconditional love…

And I will show mine utter devotion.

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