Being Mousey Mama

Two lines.

I found out that I was going to become a mother in 2010. It was a real jolt of a surprise, as that was the year my boyfriend and I had arranged for our wedding to take place and had been planning for almost a year up to the event. Perhaps heaven wanted to give us a gift for our union, and in September, she came to us like an angel, so pure and full of love.

In retrospect, we were not fully prepared to give our angel everything a family should. Both of us were still kids learning to grow up, just getting our foot out of the door from our parents’ home, learning to live with and love one another and just really starting to build our finances through our jobs. To compound matters, we were dealing with matters of immigration during the time – my husband lived in Singapore, where I grew up and we wanted to start a new life with each other here in Western Australia. So that created some level of instability for our family at the time, not knowing where to start our home in until some decision was made by the authorities – to get the go ahead down under or to try to eke out a living in Singapore.

Shortly after the birth of our beautiful daughter, we were granted the necessary authorisation to start our lives in Australia, with the condition that my husband and I promise to be true to one another and until death do us part. Of course, having been committed to one another for 11 years before then (most of it long distance as I lived in Australia mostly to study and work), we already knew we were (so corny, but true) made for each other.

So my husband has been here as a provisional resident for one year now (one more to go), and we’re still very much in love with one another and our baby girl who is now 14 months old. For the sake of our child we both strongly agreed that I would step down from my job (which required me to travel from time to time and a full-time commitment in the office) and take on the very traditional role of a stay at home mum. I would nurture our child, manage the household and made sure all members were fed and cleaned. On his part, he would step up and work the long hours to bring home the bacon. It was both roles we were unfamiliar with at the start, but we have grown to love what we do.

There are so many things I have learnt, and am still learning while watching my child grow up, and so many things I want to achieve for my family… Where do I begin? How do I achieve success?

I sincerely hope that by writing my experiences, I will somehow perceive the solution in my head and achieve it. This blog is also a means by which I reflect back and appreciate myself, which I rarely do of late. So my next step begins here…

For those of you reading, thank you. 🙂


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